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HHOLOVE Launches O Sitter Smart Companion Robot for Cats

HHOLOVE Launches O Sitter: World's First Smart Companion Robot for Cats
Image Courtesy of HHOLOVE

HHOLOVE, a pet tech startup, has made a groundbreaking entry into the pet market with the launch of O Sitter, the world’s first smart companion robot for cats. Within a day of its Kickstarter launch in June 2023, O Sitter surpassed its crowdfunding goal, receiving over 500 backers and nearly $50,000 in funding. The innovative device addresses the increasing demand for pet smart supplies and aims to make cat feeding and care easier and worry-free. With advanced AI recognition and tracking capabilities, O Sitter can intelligently capture cats’ movements and moments in various postures and complex environments. It also features a specially designed imaging system that allows it to “see” the entire food bowl, ensuring accurate and reliable feeding. O Sitter incorporates user feedback and offers additional functions such as remote laser teasing and an adjustable height-enhancing bracket. HHOLOVE’s dedication to co-creation with users has resulted in a product that provides an intimate and enjoyable companion experience for cat owners.

HHOLOVE, a smart pet brand under HHO Inc., aims to simplify and enhance pet feeding and care through digital technology. O Sitter’s features include AI Smart Life Recording, Interactive Companion, and Reliable and Visible Feeding. The company’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction is evident in the extensive research and development process undertaken to create O Sitter.