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Women in Consumer Technology Luncheon – CEDIA 2023

Women in Consumer Technology Luncheon - CEDIA 2023

The Women in Consumer Technology Luncheon, organized by Carol Campbell, founder of Women in Consumer Technology (WiCT), occurred on Friday, September 8, 2023, at the CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado.

Quandra Evans. Image Courtesy of Women in Consumer Technology.

The luncheon started with a “Bellini and Bloody Mary Bar” and networking, followed by a keynote by Quadra Evans. Evans is a real estate veteran and Director of Industry Relations for New Construction. In the keynote, she shared her experience working on the Executive Leadership Team for The House She Built.

The House That She Built is an inspiring children’s book by Mollie Elkman that focuses on women choosing jobs in STEM and Construction. The book, published by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB),  “educates young readers about the people and skills that go into building a home. One by one, [readers] learn about the architect, framer, roofer, and many more as they contribute their individual skills needed to complete the collective project — a new home.” The book was created to showcase the true story of women who built a home from scratch as part of the Utah NAHB. This story inspires other women in construction and STEM to build homes with all-women teams. 

Each guest received a copy of The House She Built with an encouragement by Evans to share the book with someone who needs to hear that women belong in STEM and construction. A perfect message for elementary school-aged children.

Image Courtesy of https://thehousethatshebuilt.com/