Yeedi vac station self-cleaning vacuum and mop on a pedestal

Yeedi 3-in-1 Vac Station Cleans Rugs, Floors, and Itself

The Yeedi robot vacuum can make cleaning a fast chore because it can vacuum, sweep, and mop.
Mobile-only households are a dwindling phenomenon thanks to 5G

Mobile-Only Households Are a Slowing Phenomenon

The proliferation of home 5G and fiber-optic infrastructure during the pandemic is increasingly making users mobile second rather than mobile first.
Blackdove digital NFT art on wall TV displays

How Digital NFT Art Transforms the Television Use Case

The rise of digital NFT art is an opportunity to re-imagine screens, not just as a workplace tool or television, but as the medium for a dynamic art installation. For dealers, this application could open a path to sell larger screens to a broader profile of customer.
Smart home buyers receiving keys to their new place.

This Is the Tech That New Home Buyers Want

If you’re selling a home, here’s what to leave behind, and what to take with you.
a family using connected health services

AI’s Impact on Personalization in Connected Health

Remote Health resources have been on the rise and changing the future of healthcare.
Connected Technology in a kitchen

How Are Consumers Liking Connected Technology Now?

More consumers than ever before have been purchasing connected technology and establish connected homes where smart products are front and center.