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Saturate Better With Smart Water Control Products

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Water in the home can be both blessing and curse. Other than the obvious human need for it, water is what enables us to take a luxurious shower after a long day, and wash laundry at home. However, if there’s a water leak, significant damage can happen. Technology can not only keep the power of this resource where it should be, but it can also help homeowners better control their many water outlets and live more efficiently. It’s a connected appliances category that CE and appliance retailers increasingly need to consider. Here are six state-of-the-art smart water control devices that’ll keep things running smoothly at home. 

Smart Water Control Products: Phyn Smart water sensor

Phyn Smart Water Sensor 

According to industry estimates, 14,000 people in the U.S. experience a water damage emergency at home or work daily. The Phyn Smart Water Sensor is designed to cut that down; it detects leaks, changes in temperatures, and potentially damaging humidity levels. When the sensor comes into contact with moisture, it automatically notifies homeownersvia SMS, a push notification from the Phyn app, and an audible alarm and flashing lights on the device.The Smart Water Sensor works on its own, but it can also be paired with the app to activate the shutoff valve feature.   

Smart Water Control Products: Kohler Moxie Showerhead 

Kohler Moxie Showerhead 
There’s something about music in the shower that makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Enter the updated Moxie Showerhead from Kohler, which combines a luxurious spray with a Harman Kardon powered speaker. The Moxie Showerhead has two versions: one Bluetooth-enabled and one with additional connectivity to Amazon Alexa. As an added plus, the magnetic speaker can be easily removed and used in other outdoor or indoor environments.  

Smart Water Control Products: Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller 

Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller 

No one wants to put money and time into a garden just to see it die the first time they go out of town. Enter the Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller, which converts a regular outdoor faucet into a smart water outlet. Eve Aqua is compatible with all popular hose systems and multichannel water distributors, and it is ideal for more complex watering tasks, since the app allows up to seven individual daily watering periods. Along with enabling the user to add schedules and link the device through Apple HomeKit, Eve also calculates water usage over time so users know exactly how much goes into their landscaping.  

Smart Water Control Products: HydroVive from ThermaSol 

HydroVive from ThermaSol 

ThermaSol’s HydroVive integrates the newest audio and lighting technology to create this single, self-contained rainhead. With a clean, integrated look, HydroVive was designed to bring the elements of lighting, sound, and water under the user’s control. When paired with ThermaSol’s Smart Shower Valve and ThermaTouch interface, it lets users personalize every element of the shower. Along with a stereo RCA input and built-in Bluetooth, the HydroVive features a 10-inch LCD touchscreen for controlling volume, treble, midrange, and bass, among other settings.  

Smart Water Control Products: Smart GE Whole House Filtration System 

Smart GE Whole House Filtration System 

Cleanliness is top of mind for many today. That’s why GE created the Smart GE Whole House Filtration System with basic, advanced and premium filter options. Embedded Wi-Fi allows users to track water usage, detect water flow or potential leaks, and receive filter placement reminders via an app. The system protects the home’s water from the first point of entry and reduces lead using the premium FTHLM cartridge. Certified to meet the highest quality control standards with IAPMO Certification, the Smart GE Whole House Filtration System also boasts an easy-change filter and remote shutoff. 

Delta’s Trinsic Faucets with VoiceIQ Technology 

Each home uses water in different ways throughout the day, and often in precise ways, such as filling up a coffee pot, a dog bowl, or a child’s cup. Delta’s Trinsic pull-down kitchen faucet makes these tasks easier thanks to its Delta Touch2O Technology. Simply ask the faucet to dispense one cup, six ounces, a gallon, or nearly any other amount needed. Other thoughtful features include water warmup and voice-activated on/off. A simple touch anywhere on the spout or handle with a wrist or forearm also activates the flow of water at the temperature where the handle is set for cleaner use.