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Green Gadgets for a Sustainable 2022

Sustainable green technology can be helpful to prevent e-waste.

Sustainability, efficiency, and green have been watchwords in the industry for many years, more so than ever with a slew of new products unveiled at CES in January. If you want to be using or selling products that are sustainable in 2022, then take a look at some of the more promising or appealing ones that we’ve rounded up below. Many of these are hitting the market already and will continue to do so throughout the year.  

Acer Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition  

Among Acer’s lineup of laptops this year is this special edition of its Vero product, which is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. Plus, every purchase of the laptop helps to support the National Geographic Society, which promotes conservation and science education (in addition to publishing a great magazine).  

Lenovo Yoga 6 

Lenovo’s Yoga line is marking its 10th anniversary this year with the launch of a new line of laptops. The company says that the Yoga 6, a 13-inch convertible laptop, is “inspired by all the ways we make choices in our daily lives that affect the environment.” It comes in a dark teal color that is made with recycled materials, which includes a cover from recycled materials and battery cells, 25 percent of which come from post-consumption plastic. In addition, the product ships in sustainable paper packaging from “responsibly managed and FSC-certified forests.”  

Beko BioCycle Refrigerator 

Beko has announced an eco-friendly product line for 2022, and part of that is the BioCycle Refrigerator, which strives for sustainability using materials that are natural and renewable.  

The BioCycle Refrigerator sports durable components in different parts. For instance, its fan cover is 100 percent bio-based plastics — coming from such sustainable resources as corn starch and sugarcane — and its door seal is 25 percent bio-based, from soybean oils. Even the two egg trays in the refrigerator are derived from eggshell wastes, as well as bioplastics.  

LG StanbyME 

LG, like most major companies, emphasized sustainability at CES, and one of those products was the LG StanbyME, described by the company as a “wireless private mobile wireless display” that can go in any room in the house while functioning as a TV. It’s a rare TV that comes with a built-in battery, which would likely use less power than a thicker, plugged-in TV.  

Samsung Eco Remote  

Samsung, too, promised a “sustainable, customized and connected future” at CES, and part of that message was evidenced with the latest Eco Remote, which can charge wirelessly by extracting power from your Wi-Fi router’s radio waves. Other eco-friendly options include solar power charging. 

BodyGuardz’s Pure 3  

BodyGuardz’s latest glass screen protector is the first such product to carry the Green Product Mark certification from TÜV Rheinland. That award was earned thanks to the glass being made from 30-percent recycled glass, as well as its use of soy-based inks and recyclable packaging and installation tools. The Pure 3 protector, the company says, is “five times stronger” than a phone screen alone, featuring what it calls a proprietary blend of glass. 

Super73 and Indian Motorcycle’s eFTR Hooligan 1.2 Electric Bicycle 

The e-bike brand Super73 and Indian Motorcycle in early March teamed up to announce the eFTR Hooligan 1.2 which, the companies said, “combines a trusted electric powertrain from SUPER73 with moto-inspired styling from Indian Motorcycle.” That product is set to arrive in the spring. Super73 late last year had announced a new e-bike battery-recycling program, along with PeopleForBikes and Call2Recycle

IVP Personal Air Filtration Unit

Integrated Viral Protection, LLC’s new Personal Air Filtration Unit, is being marketed as “catch and kill” for COVID-19 — supplementing the vaccine —  as well as for “anthrax spores, bacteria, allergens, and other asthma triggers.” It’s meant for schools, offices, transit, and other indoor places, meant to promote cleaner air and less airborne disease.