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    Latest Amazon Store Blends eCommerce with Brick-and-Mortar

    Amazon’s Latest Store Blends eCommerce with Brick-and-Mortar

    In some news out of the unconventional side of retail, Amazon has just opened its very first fashion store, Amazon Style, at the Brand shopping center outside of Los Angeles. The new clothing retailer is just the latest iteration of the company’s brick-and-mortar outlets that blend elements of eCommerce with traditional retail. Customers can scan the QR code of a product with their phone and have the exact size and color they want to try on sent to an individualized dressing room. 

    When the customer has selected everything they want to try on, they are directed to a specific dressing room that they can unlock using the mobile app. Checkout is equally easy, simply scan the QR code of the product and pay by phone or card. So some may be wondering why those of us in the consumer electronics industry should care about a fashion store. The answer is simple, consumers are coming to expect an increased level of technological intuition from brick-and-mortar retailers after spending a significant portion of the last two years conducting their shopping online. Retailers who can successfully toe the line between employing cutting-edge technology without scaring consumers (cough… Amazon’s palm readers) will benefit immensely. 

    Lastly, Howard’s, an independent appliance retailer based out of Southern California, has added two members, Joy Banducci and Daryl Massy, to its executive team. Banducci will step into the role of Cheif Financial Officer and Technology Officer while Massy will be the company’s new Senior Vice President and Chief Merchant. In regards to the new additions, Howard’s CEO John Riddle said in the company’s press release: “Joy and Daryl bring tremendous experience and knowledge to Howard’s. Their hirings introduce new perspectives and skills that will aid in our ongoing efforts to expand our geographic and demographic reach, and to take Howard’s to the next level.” 

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