Automated Driver-Assist Systems Blamed for Hundreds of Vehicle Crashes

Nearly 400 crashes over a 10-month period are associated with partially automated driver-assist systems, including 273 from Teslas.
The Crypto Corner: Why Is That NFT Worth Anything?

The Crypto Corner: Why Is That NFT Worth Anything?

Curious about the extremely volatile world of NFTs? Tune in to this week’s column to see what they are and why they hold value.
personalized technology being used by a consumer

The Power of Personalized Online Shopping

Personalized online shopping is wanted by consumers because they like the idea that technology can learn their preferences.
Amazon’s Latest Store Blends eCommerce with Brick-and-Mortar

Latest Amazon Store Blends eCommerce with Brick-and-Mortar

Plus, Howards adds Joy Banducci and Daryl Massy to its executive team.
Delivery drones are one of the new tech trends that are coming in 2022

Top Tech Trends for 2022

The year may still be plagued with uncertainty, but consumer technology continues apace.
Health and Wellness Tech 2022: Withings Body Scan

What’s Next in Health and Wellness Tech?

With the pandemic still here, the worldwide market for home fitness equipment is expected to continue to grow.
Enterainment tech in 2022 is all about smart TVs

What’s Next for Entertainment Tech?

Besides fewer streaming services, smart TVs will increasingly become the central point of any connected home.
Happy extended family relaxing on the sofa at home and using connected technology.

Online and Upward With Connected Technology

How consumers learned to stop worrying and love connected products.
Mark Zuckerberg talks metaverse at SXSW 2022

Mark Zuckerberg Discusses Metaverse Plans at SXSW 2022

Meta CEO and founder says metaverse will reduce inequality, but that’s hard to see when Oculus VR headsets cost $400-plus.