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    Benefits of Email Marketing

    Benefits of Email Marketing

    Email marketing is an often overlooked but powerful marketing tool in retail. Most retailers cover social media, print advertising, and broadcast media like radio or television. Email Marketing allows the customer to decide when and where, and if to receive the email.

    Target Audience

    Retailers can obtain the email addresses for their list in a few ways: via website (pop-up window or contact page), in-store sign-ups, or purchase receipts. All three options will provide you with a large audience. Since the customer has to opt-in, they are focused and want to see your business.

    Ideas for Email Content

    Now that you established a list of email addresses, what should you do with the emails? First, plan how often to send the emails. Monthly, weekly, or biweekly is ideal, and most retailers ramp up the amount during holidays or around a special event.

    The easiest way to break down the content of emails is to create three sections: news, specials and contact. Begin with news, including any new products, company changes and testimonials. The News section should humanize your business and connect to the customer.

    The following section is specials, a place to highlight any sales or specials in-store or online. Retailers can also add special coupons to only the email recipient as an invitation for the customer to return.

    The last section should be a contact area. This is perfect for links to your website, social media, and an address to a storefront.

    Sending Emails

    If sending a mass email sounds daunting, there are tools to help. When you get the list of emails, create a spreadsheet with their name (first and last) and email addresses. If you collected the email addresses through your website, you can export a spreadsheet or use a plugin to feed directly to a service like MailChimp. MailChimp can also help design the email and track your open rate and how long the recipient reads the email.

     In the end, emails can be the perfect way to get your business straight to the customer on their terms.