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    eSports May Be Joining Olympic Events

    eSports May Be Joining Olympic Events. Image: Tech Xplore

    Singapore hosted the first Olympic-organized Esports Week in early June 2023, nearly six years after the Olympic Committee claimed eSports as a sport in 2017. Tech Xplore reports that the eSport games did not feature traditional gaming titles but rather simulated sports and shooting events. Some aspects of traditional gaming were incorporated, such as a modified “Fortnite,” however, first-person-shooting events were quickly ruled out for future Olympic events.

    This was a chance of a lifetime for players in the gaming industry to meet each other and compete. For many competitors, this was an opportunity to meet in person after playing together for years. The topic of whether eSports will be integrated into the Olympic program is still up for debate, but it is not likely, according to the IOC’s Head of Virtual Sport. However, in some major sporting events, it is a medal sport. eSports contestants will receive medals in the Asian Games in Hangzhou.