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1MORE EVO’s Hi-Fi Audio

a women wearing the 1MORE EVO wireless earbuds

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s our need to stay connected. Our workplace and lives shifted online, and technology adapted to our demands: Zoom took center stage; computers improved; we bought ring lights and headphones; we spent more time texting and on social media. We all learned how to stay connected to the world by connecting to our technology. However, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our connection to technology as we shift back to in-person activities and rekindle our human connections face-to-face. That’s where 1MORE EVO earbuds come into play. 1MORE EVO headphones deliver H-Fi sound with adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC), so users can stay connected to the world and comes equipped with six mics for those still working over zoom.  

How It Works: 

As I unboxed the 1MORE EVO headphones, I was shocked at its ability to balance the aesthetic with the informational. Sketches of the headphones and its various features artistically coat the box’s interior but even more eye-catching is the headphone’s sleek, matte case.  

1MORE EVO headphones

Setting up the headphones requires just the click of a button. Packaged fully charged, all you do to pair the headphones to a device is press and hold the pairing button for five seconds while the earbuds remain in the case. The LED flashes white before entering into pairing mode. 1MORE comes equipped with the 1MORE Music App, which will automatically begin working after you pair your earbuds to your phone. To receive a personalized sound profile, take the SoundID test in the app to maximize your listening experience.  

EVO delivers high-quality sound through their 10mm dual driver and balanced armature. In simpler terms, dual drivers mean the headphones have two speakers. One speaker handles the bass, and the other handle high and mid-frequencies, which create a high-quality, full-bodied audio experience. 

 On the other hand, balanced armatures use electricity to vibrate a reed balanced between two magnets. The electric currents travel to a stiff aluminum diaphragm, which produces a sound similar to a wind instrument. All in all, the balanced armature enables EVO to provide unparalleled sound strength and clarity.  

Noise Cancellation: Both Outside and Inside the Headphones 

1More sets itself apart with its adaptive ANC and dual-mode transparency. EVO constantly detects ambient noise and automatically changes its noise cancellation strength based on the environment. In addition to the adaptive ANC, users can manually switch between noise-canceling modes. For instance, those relaxing at a coffee shop can opt for the milder ANC mode, which balances ambient noise and in-ear pressure. Cyclists constantly battling wind can opt for the Wind Noise Resistant mode, which suppresses any wind noise. 1MORE EVO delivers up to 42dB of noise cancellation to enhance any sound experience. 

Not all of us want to cancel out the world. 1MORE’s two transparency modes make it easy to quickly switch between connecting to our devices and the world. The Pass-Through mode allows ambient sound to filter in, which is useful for situations where you need to stay aware of your surroundings. The Voice Enhancement mode amplifies frequencies, like human voices, to stand out, so you never have to awkwardly utter “what’d you say?” 

A Smarter Microphone 

1MORE boasts its AI-powered Deep Neural Network (DNN) and six microphones’ ability to filter out noise and enhance your voice to create crystal-clear conversations, so I put it to the test. I used the headphones to record the voiceover for one of the clips I used for 1MORE’s unboxing video. While I agree it amplified my voice, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was crystal clear or completed silenced any external frequencies hindering my voice’s clarity. I also tested it on a phone call with my sister. 1MORE EVO without a doubt made her voice louder but didn’t completely cancel out feedback. My sister claimed that during the portion of the call that I wore the 1MORE EVO headphones, my voice sounded far “clearer” and “louder.” She said that without them, my voice sounded “muffled” and overall “worse,” which I think speaks for itself.  

Bottom Line 

Ultimately, every facet of 1MORE EVO makes it a solid pair of headphones. The headphones seamlessly switch between noise cancellation or transparency modes with a tap. It would serve as a great alternative for anyone who wants strong noise-canceling headphones but doesn’t want to lug around a massive set of over-the-ear headphones. It is also a solid option for people working from home. You can use the noise cancellation to drown out the noise in your house and concentrate on your work or take advantage of its microphone to boost the clarity of your calls.  

1MORE EVO headphones have good audio features
1MORE EVO headphones and charging case

Ringing in at $169.99 USD, these headphones still cost less than the more popular recent generation/versions of Airpods while carrying more — and more useful — attributes.  

A recent market study by Global Industry Analysts estimated the global market for Wireless Headphones in 2022 to be at $23 billion USD and projects it to grow to $45.7 billion by 2026. The growing wireless headphone market makes this a sound product for retailers in tech to carry.