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The Top Smart Home Products from CES

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The smart home just keeps getting smarter. This year at CES, our editors found increased control — especially over aspects of the home that have potential to waste or overuse energy or resources — as well as superior connectivity. It’s more important than ever to have a strong network and to have the best privacy to protect that network. From lighting, lawn care, fireplaces and more, these are our top smart home picks from CES 2023.

Lutron’s Diva Smart Dimmer

Lutron Electronics has announced the availability of the Diva smart dimmer in six colors — and a new Claro accessory smart switch — to the Caséta portfolio of products. The Diva smart dimmer combines the look and simple experience of the Lutron Diva design with the Caséta smart advantage. Diva smart dimmers also match paddle-style dimmers and switches, and work with existing wiring to expand the opportunity for smart lighting in any home. There are also six color options to choose from, including white, black, brown, gray, light almond and ivory. The Claro smart accessory switch gives homeowners and lighting professionals another option for adding wired, three-way or multi-location control in up to 10 additional locations.

Kohler Statement

Sustainability was definitely a trend around the showfloor. Kohler’s Statement VES (Variable Eco-Spray) Showerhead and Handshower was one of those examples, using up to 40 percent less water than the typical 2.5gpm showerhead. Statement VES’s low-flow spray is optimized to provide strong rinsing coverage while maintaining warmth. The Statement collection includes Kohler’s Katalyst air-induction technology, which infuses air into the water droplets to make them feel larger and retain heat longer. Statement showerheads are compatible with existing pipes for an easy upgrade.

SkyPlug Smart

SkyPlug Smart from SKYX Platforms is a smart lighting base that enables easy and safe plug and play installation of light fixtures and ceiling fans to the ceiling quickly and safely. SkyPlug Smart transforms any light fixture or ceiling fan into a smart product, with multiple features controlled by a proprietary SkyHome App. SkyPlug Smart offers app control, voice control, scheduling, eco/energy saving mode, dimming, color changing room ambiance/ night light as well as an emergency light and more — all controlled by the app. It integrates with Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung Smart Things, Cortana and Matter.

SECURAM Motion-Detecting Wall Sensors

SECURAM, a manufacturer of intelligent home/commercial security solutions, has introduced security-focused smart wall switches. These switches feature the convenience of smart wall switches and adds advanced laser-based motion detection that can be used to trigger automations or an alarm when the home is armed. These motion-sensing switches can be combined with SECURAM’s locks, door/window sensors and smart sirens.

Moen’s Smart Water Network

Moen is expanding their Smart Water Network technology with their Smart Sprinkler Controller and compatible Smart Wireless Soil Sensors. These link directly to the Moen Smart Water App and offer advanced features such as custom independent zone control and scheduling, automatic weather skip and the ability to input and water according to local restrictions. Meanwhile, the Smart Wireless Soil Sensors intelligently optimize inground home irrigation systems by monitoring the moisture and temperature levels of soil and will automatically adjust watering schedules based on the moisture in each zone’s soil to prevent over or under watering.

Schneider Home by Schneider Electric

The Schneider Home energy management solution includes a home battery for clean energy storage, a high-power solar inverter, a smart electrical panel, electric vehicle charger and connected electric sockets and light switches – all controlled by the easy-to-use Schneider Home app. The Schneider Home solution intelligently orchestrates home energy by bringing together utility power, solar, back up battery and EV charging. The solution also allows homeowners to save by enrolling in utility programs and qualify for tax incentives. 

Heliovision from Modern Flames

Modern Flames’ newly patented Heliovision flame technology creates an lively effect thanks to an LCD flame display, lit ember bed, hand-painted log set and downlighting to create a fully immersive fireplace. The Orion Series allows for 12 different installation configurations and is available in two versions (the Orion Multi and the Orion Slim), has five different sizes (starting at 52 inches up to 120 inches), three flame styles, six flame colors and three flame speeds. The Orion also has speakers installed so consumers can hear the sound of crackling logs. Users can control their settings through a capacitive touch manual control panel, aluminum body remote control, WiFi and Bluetooth App with Alexa and Google Voice capabilities.

Athom’s Homey Pro The Homey Pro smart home hub from Athom is a highly advanced, privacy-aware, locally operated universal smart home hub. Homey Pro unites the Homey experience with local processing, making it possible for devices from countless manufacturers and platforms to work together. Connecting all of the smart devices in a single home has long been a challenge — one that Homey changed with the introduction of a hub for the smart home that allowed users to access devices in one location without scrolling through apps. Homey Pro comes with lauded functionality like Homey Flow and Advanced Flow for automation, Homey Insights for historical