Home Gadgets Sony Releases Aibo Robotic Puppy in New Limited-Edition Color 

Sony Releases Aibo Robotic Puppy in New Limited-Edition Color 

Sony Releases Aibo Robotic Puppy in New Limited-Edition Color 

Sony Electronics has announced that it is releasing a new edition of the company’s aibo robotic puppy companion in the United States. The aibo Strawberry Milk Edition is the third color variation of the robotic puppy and features a bright pink body with white accents. The special-edition robot also performs an exclusive dance and comes with a special bundle offer that includes paw pads, a bone, a food bowl and a water bowl. The aibo Strawberry Milk Edition costs $2,899.99 and is only available for purchase directly through Sony. Aibo was originally released by Sony in 1999 but was discontinued in 2006. Sony then released a new fourth generation model of the robot in 2018. 

In other news, Uber has tapped Google to help the rideshare company expand its operations and modernize its infrastructure. The new expanded partnership between the two companies will see Uber move some of its critical infrastructure to the Google Cloud so that it can take advantage of Google’s capabilities, including Google Ads and Maps. Additionally, the two companies said that they would also increase their engineering collaboration to continue developing new innovations. Uber and Google have been connected since 2013, when Google invested over $250 million dollars into Uber. 

Lastly, LG Electronics announced that it will expand its offerings on the company’s exclusive free streaming service, LG Channels. The updated offerings on the streaming service include new on-demand movies, TV shows and other streaming options, as well as a “Romance Hub” to celebrate Valentines Day. LG smart TV owners will be able to access the newly created hub and watch tons of romantic comedy films, including “Rumor Has It…” and “Sleepless in Seattle.” 


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