Home Artificial Intelligence GM Wants to Add a Vehicle Assistant That Uses ChatGPT 

GM Wants to Add a Vehicle Assistant That Uses ChatGPT 

GM Wants to Add a Vehicle Assistant That Uses ChatGPT 

General Motors is reportedly looking into an in-vehicle assistant that uses the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT. According to Reuters, the automotive manufacturer is exploring the concept as part of its collaboration with Microsoft, which itself has a partnership with the company that developed the AI software. GM is looking at several uses for the chatbot such as accessing vehicle information, program functions like opening garage doors and calendar schedule integration. Its main function would be as a personal assistant that could also help carry out various vehicle maintenance issues. 

ChatGPT burst onto the scene in November and created a serious stir due to its advanced language model and ability to hold conversations with people. The chatbot was created by the research company OpenAI, which Microsoft is heavily invested in. Many have raised concerns about the AI chatbot due to its implications for numerous tech fields and potential for human job displacement. It can write entire essays when prompted with information and also has the ability to create blocks of computer code on demand.  

In other news, electric vehicle company ENGWE has launched its newest electric bike. The ENGWE M20 was designed to give riders a comfortable ride with plenty of power. The bike is powered by a hub-motor with 1000 watts of peak power that can drive through various types of tough terrain. It boasts 7-speed gears, an LCD screen, two batteries and mountain tires. ENGWE is currently offering the eBike at an early-bird discount for $1149. 


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