Home Smart Home Google Nest Products Now Compatible with ADT Security Tools 

Google Nest Products Now Compatible with ADT Security Tools 

Google Nest Products Now Compatible with ADT Security Tools 

ADT’s home security tools can now be fully integrated with Google Nest products, thanks to a new self-setup offering from the two companies. The announcement comes three years after Google and ADT originally said they were joining forces to develop the DIY program. Nest smart home products available for the ADT program include the Nest doorbell, indoor or outdoor cam, thermostat and hub. 

ADT’s new program lets users completely customize how they set up their home security system. It features the company’s SMART monitoring technology, which includes video verification and helps police respond faster. Using the ADT+ or Google home app, customers can view the monitoring system through any of the touchpoints they have set up around their property. When integrated Nest products detect any activity, they will send specialized notifications via SMS. 

“The new ADT Self Setup system provides the best of all worlds for DIY smart home customers,” said Wayne Thorsen, executive vice president and chief business officer at ADT. “It unifies security, life safety, home automation and analytics through one easy-to-use application.” 

The brain behind the operation is the ADT Smart Home Hub, which connects every product that’s part of the DIY security program through a customer’s Wi-Fi and cellular network. The hub comes with a built-in keypad and a 24-hour backup battery in case there’s a power outage. If triggered, the hub will set off a panic alarm that alerts authorities of an emergency. It also features special monitoring that connects to a center with 24/7 availability. 

The ADT self-setup program is currently available and starts off at $180, which includes only the smart home hub. The most expensive option, called the Premium package, costs nearly $600 and comes with the smart home hub, a Nest hub and doorbell, an extra Nest battery and a variety of sensors to place around a home.