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Meet mocopi™: Sony’s New Mobile Motion Capture System

U.S. Market, Meet mocopi™: Sony's New Mobile Motion Capture System
Image: Sony

Get ready to take advantage of VR and motion capturing from anywhere and anytime, because Sony Electronics has announced their mobile motion captioning mocopi™ is available for pre-order June 29, 2023. 

mocopi™ features six small, lightweight and wearable sensors that, using Sony’s proprietary technology, enable accurate and precise full-body motion tracking. Sensor features include: 

  • Compact and lightweight design: each sensor is 1.26 inches in diameter, 0.46 inches thick, and weighs only 8 grams. Users are free to move and be creative without being weighed down by robust technology. 
  • Simple and secure attachment: sensors are included with Velcro® bands and clips to be placed on users’ heads, hips, ankles, and wrists to take advantage of the full motion measurement algorithm formulated by Sony. 
  • Wireless charging capability: mocopi™ sensors are wireless and have built-in rechargeable batteries. This means no more searching through tangled piles of cords and wires when you have a burst of inspiration for VR or motion capture content. 
U.S. Market, Meet mocopi™: Sony's New Mobile Motion Capture System
Image: Sony

To take advantage of mocopi™, users need a compatible smartphone and the dedicated mocopi™ app available for iOS and Android at the App Store and Google Play. The app also lets users create movies with pre-installed and custom avatars using just the sensors attached to their bodies.  

What makes mocopi™ special is its ability to allow users to utilize VR and motion capture without the need for dedicated studios and trained operators. Creators have the freedom and time to make content using just a few sensors, their phones and the mocopi™ app.  

mocopi™ SDKs are also available for major 3D development software like Unity, MotionBuilder™ and Unreal Engine. With mocopi™ SDKs, creators can receive motion data captured by mocopi™ directly to their software. This opens the door for motion capture to be used in contexts such as professional film, streaming, game production, and more. 

Packaged plastic-free as part of Sony’s Road to Zero environmental plan, mocopi™ is now available for pre-order for approximately $449.00. The product is expected to ship to customers starting July 14, 2023.