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ENHANCE Gaming Drops New Products Ahead of Upcoming Season

ENHANCE Gaming New Products 2021

In preparation for the upcoming gaming season, ENHANCE Gaming just released a family of new products across multiple systems including PC, console, and tabletop options. The lineup includes a mechanical gaming keyboard, three colors of console gaming headsets, a role-playing organizer case, and several accompanying accessories.

The ENHANCE Pathogen 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard was made specifically for gamers whose play benefits from a tactile, audible, and visible response. Each action is precise and illuminated with blue switches and side panels, and a wrap-around light strip. Other new items include the ENHANCE Dual Headphone Holder, the ENHANCE Cryogen 2 Laptop Cooling Stand, and the ENHANCE Gaming Hub Bungee with Built-in Headset Stand.

On the console gaming side, ENHANCE Gaming announced the new Infiltrate GX-H5 Gaming Headset in three colors: green, red, and blue. The headset also comes with a computer splitter cable to convert a single 3.5mm audio/microphone port into dual 3.5mm plugs – one for audio and one for the microphone. The GX-H5 headset is light-weight and soft to withstand long gaming sessions and traveling.

ENHANCE Gaming can also be credited with designing the world’s first PS5 and Xbox Series X / S console cases: the USA GEAR S23 Console Case. For transporting these larger consoles, ENHANCE Console Backpacks (available in green and blue) can house a PS5 or Xbox Series X / S, along with all the necessary accessories.

Tabletop gamers can also enjoy some new releases including the ENHANCE Tabletop RPG Case, the ENHANCE Tabletop RPG Organizer Case, the ENHANCE Tabletop Trading Card Backpack, the ENHANCE Tabletop Board Game Backpack, and RPG accessories like the ENHANCE Metal RPG Dice Set.