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Exhibitors’ View On IFA 2022

A panel at IFA

 After a three-year-long hiatus, IFA is back at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds September 2-6 presenting the latest products and innovations in the consumer electronics industry. Dealerscope spoke with five North American exhibitors showcasing products at IFA to find out what to expect and what to look forward to. 

Why is it important to your company to exhibit at IFA?  

“We are thrilled to launch this innovative product at IFA 2022. IFA is Europe’s premier show for home and housewares, connecting product to lifestyle and the industry to the consumer mindset. Our patented, new technology has never been used before in an at-home carbonator, and IFA is the ideal place for Carbon8 to debut and showcase our innovation. We’ve taken a great idea and made it that much better.” – Andreas Hansen, CEO and Founder of Carbon8 

Carbon8 is the first countertop water carbonator that creates, self-sanitizes and dispenses sparkling water. Instead of the 4-step process that many popular carbonators on the market require, Carbon8 functions with one simple touch of the top control button, allowing consumers to easily click and sip.

“This past year, Aiper has successfully expanded its market share in the North American pool cleaner market, becoming the number one go-to brand for cordless robotic pool cleaners. With the gradual improvement and expansion of the company’s supply chain and sales channels, we believe it’s time to start our journey into the European pool cleaning market – and IFA is the perfect place to do that. As one of the most influential consumer electronic trade shows in the world, we feel this is the best way to demonstrate Aiper’s products to customers and retailers, all while introducing the brand to the entirety of the pool cleaning industry.” – Richard Wang, Founder and CEO of Aiper Global 

The Aiper New Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is an entry-level cordless robotic pool cleaner that features a greater battery lifeline of 90 minutes, along with quick charge capabilities to reduce 50 percent of the usual charge time. It also features an ergonomic and hydrodynamic bionic design to increase power efficiency and reduce water resistance.

“JLab is the #2 headphone brand in the U.S. and we’re excited to continue share the JLab story of real innovation and surprising value with consumers globally. Since launching JLab internationally five years ago, the brand has been one of the fastest growing in the UK, Germany and Nordics, and we’re excited to see consumers connect with JLab’s products — from true wireless to kids headphones and microphones.” – Terra Teat, Chief Marketing Officer, JLab 

JLab is announcing the launch of a new generation of true wireless. Both the JBuds and Epic Air true wireless families are getting major upgrades – now offering Find with Tile, new Bluetooth Multipoint connections, longer playtime and access to the JLab Sound App. 

“IFA is the ‘Global Stage’ for all appliances/CE/IT product introductions.  We want to educate end users as well as meeting with current and potential global distribution partners on Made in the USA MetroVac products.” – Ken Stern, Vice President – National Sales, Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co., Inc. 

The multi-purpose DataVac Electric Duster is designed to blast dust, dirt and debris off of expensive tech equipment. It now comes with variable speeds: low for sensitive electronics/applications, or high for maximum cleaning output

“IFA is the largest consumer electronic show in the world, and we would like to benchmark our products with the best of the best! It is an uncertain time in the world at present due to the war in Europe, uncertain recovery from Covid, global supply chain issues etc, and one could argue that it is not a perfect time to be doing a new show. But there is never a perfect time to seek new opportunities. In fact, during Covid, we have come out with many new products in the health and wellness segment. We believe that Europe is a great opportunity for our innovative space-saving and multifunctional products and will be looking for ways to distribute them in different countries. – Atul Air, President, Equator Advanced Appliances 

The Equator AnySpot clothes washer features a capacity of 0.65 cu. ft, which is about 10 shirts. It has an internal water heater to sanitize clothes, 800 rpm spin speed, Auto balance, Auto water level, LED display, Child lock and Delay Start.  It weighs 37 lbs and can be hung on a wall in order to save floor space.   

IFA is a great opportunity for UAG to catch up with our partners and industry friends from all across EMEA and for them to meet some of our senior management who also love to attend in order to meet customers.” – Shannon Pelot, Channel Marketing Manager, Urban Armor Gear 


What are you most looking forward to this year at IFA? 

“JLab and our team members across Europe, APAC and globally focus on building our retail and trade partnerships together with our brand, and IFA is a key destination for building these important partnerships. We love utilizing these face-to-face meetings to learn how we can help our partners grow, while sharing JLab’s new innovations, products and growth plans.” – Teat, JLab 

“It’s been three years since our last appearance at IFA. Hopefully, tired of the pandemic restrictions imposed on us globally, anxious consumers as well as potential partners will be eager to explore new technology exhibited at IFA 2022.” Stern, Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co., Inc. 

“We are looking to showcase representative products from different segments of our appliance line — Laundry, Refrigeration, Cooking, Climate control, Floorcare, Outdoor and Lifestyle. Many of these products have come out in the last few years as a result of Covid restrictions and the reality of needing to live safely. We have more 100 products available for the American market. The 12 showcased products at IFA have been successful, and Equator will project American innovation in an international environment.” – Air, Equator Advanced Appliances 

“After three years of a gap, it’s going to be especially exciting this year to enjoy the buzz of inviting and meeting our partners at the UAG booth once again, reviewing and planning together and building even stronger relationships for the future.” – Pelot, Channel Marketing Manager, Urban Armor Gear