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Samsung Aims For Sustainability, Safety, and Connectivity

At the beginning of the panel, Samsung gave the statistic that more than 14 billion connected devices are in use worldwide. JH Han, Vice Chairman CEO & Head Device Experience Division at Samsung Electronics, welcomed us to the event by mentioning the advances in sustainability, security, and connectivity Samsung plans to make this year.

JH Han at CES 2023


Han goes on to say how Samsung is working towards sustainability with a goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Both Samsung Tvs and smartphones models from 2022 were made with recycled plastics and the Bespoke line has made homes 30% more energy efficient. To further prove his point, Han welcomed James Kwon to the stage and Kwon congratulated Samsung as the first large electronics company to receive the Energy Star Smart Home Energy Management Award.

Samsung also touched on how they are working towards making net zero smart homes by giving consumers insights on their energy usage with the Smart Things AI Energy mode. Now the consumer can track their energy usage in their smart home and cut down on any unnecessary power usage. Another way they are working towards sustainability is by creating washing machines that reduce the number of microfibers that could be found in clothing with the less microfiber cycle. The new cycle is now available in washing machines in Europe and will be coming soon for Korea and the US later this year. But not everyone owns a Samsung washer and to resolve this issue Samsung has created a microfiber filter that works with multiple washing machine models.


Imagine you leave your home and once you make it to your job, you can’t remember if you left your home AC on or if you turned off the lights before you left. Now with Smart Things Home, consumers can control their home remotely through their phones. Smart Things Home can also protect your home with its ability to detect smoke or leaks in the home. Users will get an alert on their phone and they can catch and fix the issue before it could cause permanent damage. This feature will give homeowners peace of mind when they are away from their homes.

Samsung Smart Things Station

Smart Things now can unify all smart devices in a smart home with the Smart Things Station. The smart things station almost acts as a small remote control for smart homes. Users can use the Stations Night Mode to turn off all lights in their house from the comfort of their bed with just a click of a button. It also can connect with other smart devices like Google Hub and Ring, making it easier for the consumer to control all their smart devices at once and eliminate the need for multiple apps.

Lastly, Smart Things has an AI Pro Cooking feature that uses an internal camera to see what dish you are cooking in the oven. Once it registers what food is in the oven the AI Pro cooking feature will adjust the temperature and other settings to help the users properly cook their meals. If users want to challenge themselves to make something new, Smart Things Cooking has a long list of recipes that come with video tutorial options.


In the world of connected devices, the main concern is cyber-attacks and safety from hackers or data leaks. Samsung emphasized having a more connected world without having to sacrifice security. Knox Matrix is a Samsung security platform that comes with credential sync and a trust chain. The Trust Chain enables connected devices to detect security threats and it is managed through a private blockchain. To protect users’ smart homes from unauthorized access, Credential Sync shares credentials with all devices and protects sensitive information.