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Acer Launches Eco-Friendly Laptops and Gaming Desktops

the new Acer Conecpt D7 laptop with Spatial Lab Visualization technology

At its global press conference this week, Acer unveiled some impressive new laptops, desktops, and other devices that are good for gaming, 3D, and the environment.

On the sustainability front, it detailed how Project Acer Humanity has made all the company’s new devices and packaging more eco-friendly. Similar to Samsung’s Eco TV packaging, Acer’s packaging, which won a 2021 Red Dot design award, can be recycled or repurposed into laptop stands.

As for green products, the company unveiled Acer Vero, a new line of eco-friendly products including the Aspire Vero, the Travelmate Vero, the Vero B277, and the Veriton Vero Mini.  All products from the Vero line are made of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and packaged in recyclable materials. Inside, the specs and features are also eco-minded. When working on less demanding tasks, for example, Acer’s new VeroSense software allows users to select a mode that prioritizes energy efficiency and battery life. Each device has been designed to be easy to take apart, giving users the right to repair or upgrade their device and increase the product’s lifespan.

The Acer Aspire Vero laptop on top of a pile of recycled plastics
Acer Aspire Vero

The Aspire Vero is a green PC with a 99 percent recyclable 15.6-inch FHD IPS display powered by 11th Gen Intel Core processors. Its framework is composed of 30 percent PCR plastic and keycaps contain 50 percent PCR plastic cutting CO2 emissions by 21 percent. The accessories for the PC —  the Macaron Vero Mouse, Vero Mousepad, and Vero Sleeve — are made from recycled materials as well.

The Acer Travelmate Vero laptop in use during a video call.
Travelmate Vero laptop

The Travelmate Vero is an eco-friendly laptop that is built for business with a 1TB SSD and a Kensington lock slot for fastening the laptop to a desk. The TravelMate Vero ships with Acer ProShield Plus, a security package that has encryption and decryption features and works with the biometric authentication measures built into Windows 11 Pro.

The Acer Veriton mini PC standing horizontally
Veriton Vero Mini PC

The Veriton Vero Mini is a mini PC made into a compact tower that can be laid horizontally or vertically with an array of USB and display ports, including a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port that allows for simultaneous high-speed data transfer and power charging.

A product shot of the Acer Vero B277 monitor on the home screen
Acer Vero B277 monitor

The last product of the Vero line is the Vero B277,  a sustainable FHD monitor made from more than 50% PCR plastic. The monitors combined with Acer’s Ergostand, enables users to tilt, swivel, adjust the height, and pivot the monitor until they achieve the perfect viewing angle. It also features Acer’s VisionCare suite of technology that helps to reduce eye strain.

The Acer TravelMate Vero will be available in North America in January 2022 starting at $899.99, the Vero BR277 Monitor will be available in North America in March 2022 starting at $299, and the Aspire Vero is currently available in North America in November starting at $699.99. No pricing or availability details for the Veriton Vero Mini have been released yet.

Sustainable products aside,  Acer still had more new devices to share. Some of these, such as the  Predator Orion 7000 Gaming desktop and GD711 gaming projector, were aimed at gamers.

The Acer Orion 7000 gaming desktop with the LED lights displaying a rainbow color wheel
Predator Orion 7000 gaming desktop

The Orion 7000 gaming desktop is a 12th Gen intel processing core to keep up with people who need to record or stream gameplay while actively playing. Gamers don’t have to worry about overheating; the Predator Frost Blade 2.0 fans with AIO CPU Liquid Cooling feature thin and curved blades that smoothly increase airflow without causing turbulence and quickly dissipate heat. The desktop is customizable with space for two SSDs, two HDDs, and Predator Sense software that lets gamers control the ARBG lighting, fan speed, and overclocking. This desktop can be paired with the GD711 projector for gamers who want a bigger screen.

Two friends playing games using the Acer GD711 gaming projector
Predator GD711 projector

Meanwhile, the GD711  is a smart 4K LED gaming projector that is compatible with both console and PC gaming systems. Project up to 300 inches with a 240 Hz refresh rate when paired with a PC, a 2 million to 1 contrast ratio, and 4,000 Lumens of brightness. This is a great projector for playing with friends over because everyone will have a bigger screen to work with and keep track of their character on screen.

An Acer laptop with a 3D effect making the soccer players seem as if they are coming out of the screen
Two soccer players coming out of a laptop screen due to the Spatial Labs Visualization technology

Lastly, Acer introduced a new laptop, the Concept D7 Spatial Labs Edition. This is no ordinary laptop because it’s equipped with Spatial Labs visualization technology. This feature makes it seem as though whatever you created is floating outside of your screen. The best part is that there are no special glasses required, so you can experience 3D effects with your own eyes. This feature is ideal for interactive learning experiences through AR & VR with 4K definition. Designers can see their projects come to life right out of the box with the power of Spatial Labs technology. Creators can convert their work from 2D into 3D simply by importing them into the Spatial Labs Model Viewer, where they can also adjust lighting and textures.  Pairing the laptop with the Ultra Leap hand tracking solution allows users to interact with virtual objects without a mouse. Users can move their hands in a pinching motion to shrink images or zoom in by using an opening motion with their fingers.

All these new devices Acer has shown look very promising and its eco-friendly initiatives are helpful in the fight to protect our ecosystems. These new devices from Acer will be useful to gamers, students, and business professionals. It’s amazing how this visualization technology can be seen without the need for VR headsets or 3D glasses. Spatial Lab technology will change the world of interactive learning and design with its visualization technology. Instead of imaging what an object would look like in real life Spatial Lab technology can bring your computer screen to life.