CRM Customer Relationship Management for small businesses

How to Choose and Use a CRM for Small Businesses

Every business is different, with different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs. Here are some tips from Synchrony to help you pick your best CRM tool.
Find employees during low unemployment

8 Tips To Help Find Employees During Low Unemployment

During times of low unemployment, it's important to reach out to potential employees instead of waiting for them to come to you. Here are eight strategies you can use to help find employees for your small business.
ZEISS Vision Care

ZEISS’s Triple Play for Retail Success

ZEISS has built upon a history in camera and mobile phone lens development and manufacture that now extends to the care and cleaning of lenses.
Holiday shopping for TVs

NAE Helping Retailers Navigate Supply Chain Challenges to Meet Holiday Shopping...

The holiday shopping season is well under way. After encouraging shoppers for years to start early, it appears they are taking that advice this year, and have already begun searching for must-have items. Few are waiting for Black Friday or holiday sales to get started. And that’s all due to supply shortages across the board.
ZEISS Vision Care

ZEISS’s Four Pillars to Profitability

How can retailers reap the full potential of market penetration possible with ZEISS care products? Through ZEISS’s “four pillar” approach: assortment, sampling, merchandising, and promotion – each element of which can vary, depending upon the individual retail partner.
Beko Earth Day

The Best Earth Day Ever: Solutions for Personal and Planetary Health

Beko President, Zach Elkin, breaks down why he's never been more optimistic about the industry’s contributions to a greener, healthier future.

ErgoAV to Display Solutions Designed to Revolutionize Workspaces at CES 2024

The global pandemic brought a seismic shift in the way people around the world work and the tools and technology we use daily. The...
This washing machine can be replaced thanks to the Allstate Protection Plans

Now Anyone Can Offer Customers Allstate Protection Plans, Here’s How

The new Allstate Protection Plans Express solution gives small to mid-sized retailers the opportunity to access the AllState-branded protection programs available at bigger retailers. We spoke with AllState Protection Plans CEO & President Karl Wiley to find out more.

HDMI 2.1 Taking Off With New Gaming TVs and Consoles

In Episode 114 of the Dealerscope podcast, HDMI Forum president Chandlee Harrell tells us all about why HDMI 2.1 is a gamechanger, which compatible products will be shipping this quarter, and how counterfeit cables may soon become a thing of the past. Click below to listen.
Consumer Electronics

The Pandemic Accelerated a New Era for Consumer Electronics Industry Growth...

Global businesses can access global premium suppliers online to make sourcing more efficient through events like’s Online Trade Show this Summer.