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Samsung on the CEDIA Show Floor

Samsung booth

Samsung products have always been popular in the consumer electronics technology industry and they have come to the CEDIA 2022 expo in Texas.  Jim Mayo, the Executive Director for the CI Sales Team at Samsung was invited to talk about his excitement for CEDIA 2022 and gave us an inside look at what Samsung has brought to the show floor this past weekend.

Jim Mayo Samsung Executive Director
Jim Mayo Samsung Executive Director

This year does Samsung has an overall theme for CEDIA?

Jim Mayo: Our goal is to showcase all the innovative products we have and provide installers with so much more versatility and flexibility really than anybody else. We have built a great following with the CI channel for cranes and outdoor TV to short-throw projectors to small little projectors. Our launch this year for OLED our QD OLED product has been fun for us. But you know, this is a great opportunity for us to talk about the breadth of the product as really the only full home solution for a video for the CI community. We get to really show ourselves off to them, and hopefully show all the things we’re doing for them program-wise as well.

Why do you think it’s important for Samsung to attend CEDIA every year?

JM: Well, the CI channel brings, in my view the best and brightest installers into one place every year and they come hungry for information. I think it’s important for Samsung just because we have an incredible breadth of solutions and visuals. We’re very, very proud of our UHD 4K and 8K TV products and the FRAME TV that now has a new matte finish. In our commercial side of the house, we have everything from LSV panels to 200-inch screens to our monitor assortment. And then what we do for the actual dealers themselves programming-wise and profitability-wise give them a sense of community with our Platinum dealers and we can show them things that can generate new business.

What do you think will catch the attention of showgoers this year and draw them to your booth?

JM: We’re going to showcase a bunch of technologies there again and we have plenty of options for the consumer. We’ll have solutions that provide a screen for any and any ideal home entertainment experience that you can think of, including our new Neo 4K TVs. The Wall is made with micro LED technology, all of our lifestyle products from the frame and the new matte finish frames up to 30 to 35-inch screen sizes, our pro, single, and triple laser short throw projectors and people can play with our new freestyle projector. Then you get over you see our partner area we’ll talk about our microsite builder, our Platinum program, our network of regional distributors, our service network, and smart home products that we have. So that just really demonstrates our dedication to the CI (custom integration) channel and we’re super proud of what we’ve built over the last few years. And now that everybody can come back to see the person we’re so anxious to have everybody see that.

Samsung has been recently trying to incorporate sustainability into their tech products with the Eco remote and everything that came with certain TVs. How do you say Samsung is incorporating sustainability now?

JM: It’s very impressive, right? We’re a huge company that makes you know, millions of TVs, and people think about it through mobile phones and refrigerators everything we do at Samsung has demonstrated a real commitment to sustainability and reducing waste, particularly in our 2022 tv series. Samsung solar cell remote harvests power from spare energy emitted by Wi-Fi routers, removing the need for wasteful batteries. So you know every television remote control has a couple of batteries. Cell unit we sold a million TVs which we sell more than that every year. That’s removing 2 million batteries from landfills around the country. So there are little things like that aren’t little they’re really big you know, further beyond that, you know, we’ve made an extra effort for our Eco packaging that was introduced into the entire 2022 lineup to further reduce carbon emissions and packaging material.

When people come to visit the booth what product do you say usually catches their eye the most?

JM: We have a full waterfall display that we’re putting in place. It’s very impressive and it shows that Samsung’s in the outdoor space for real. We’re very excited about what that product has done for us and think it’s the tip of the iceberg for the future.

Do you think this shift to focusing on more outdoor technology is due to people being more at home and wanting to spend time outdoors doing not being able to go out because of the pandemic? Do you think this trend I’d say will continue in the future?

JM: Well, I think it’s a huge untapped resource. I know audio there are a lot of audio companies out there that are focused on outdoor audio for many years but outdoor video has really been out there and it hasn’t gone mainstream yet. I think what stands out is to make the outdoor space gazebo herbalists think about putting out a video solution that perhaps they haven’t thought of before. It’s certainly a space that a lot of folks the majority of the market don’t think of first when they think of video, but I think Samsung’s getting into that business is showing a path for that. I think it’s another opportunity for the CIO dealers that come to CEDIA because they can help their clients differentiate what they do in their homes.

What would you say to installers that are a bit intimidated by any outdoor technology?

JM: Well, I can tell you that Samsung is right here between our service network our installers, our training that we’ve made available to them, our team, our reference team, our regional distancing, we won’t let you fail.

Do you have any other resources for installers?

JM: I do want to say a little bit of something about our microsite builder, which allows you to say to a client that calls and says could you install these TVs? I say to everyone that all you need to do is go on to our site, click on the Samsung link that you see, and you’ll be brought to several different standards on pages that walk through all the breadth of products that Samsung has. The microsite builder is designed to do to make it a much more professional, more interactive experience with the client of the end-user client on the CIA dealer site. We’re pretty proud to bring that to market and we’ve got several dealers that are using it now.