Try on Shoes from Home: Amazon's New Virtual Try-On

Try-On Shoes from Home: Amazon’s New Virtual Feature

Amazon launches a new “Virtual Try-On for Shoes” feature on their mobile app that shows you how the shoes look but not how they fit or feel.
a family using connected health services

AI’s Impact on Personalization in Connected Health

Remote Health resources have been on the rise and changing the future of healthcare.

Did Google Release a Sentient AI System?

Google AI engineer Blake Lemoine claimed to share evidence that Google's new AI system, LaMDA, had reached a level of consciousness equivalent to that of a human child.
Crypto Corner: An Introduction to the Fundamentals

Crypto Corner: An Introduction to the Fundamentals

Understanding crypto and NFTs can seem daunting, we are here to provide you with a few explainers to make understanding the ecosystem significantly easier.
Skullcandy Bragi partnership

Skullcandy and Bragi Partner on Future-Proof Audio Products

Skullcandy Inc., makers of affordable stereo headphones and true wireless earbuds, announced a partnership with Bragi, inventor and largest intellectual property owner of true wireless headphones. With Bragi's software platform featuring embedded AI, Skullcandy now has the ability to create truly smart, future-proof audio products.
Smart appliances ecosystem

How Dealers Can Pull Smart Appliances into the Connected Home

With a complete picture, dealers and their integration partners can help their customers take full advantage of their smart appliances.

Oorbit and LG Electronics Partner for Transitioning Metaverse Concepts to TV

Oorbit announced that the company would be bringing their metaverse operations into a partnership with LG Electronics. The two companies have joined together to...
Not your Keys, Not your crypto

Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto

What to know about the sometimes risky landscape of cryptocurrency
Amy Webb Presents the Future Today Institute's 15th annual Emerging Tech Trends Report at SXSW 2022.

Emerging Tech Trends Report Predicts a Grim Future

At SXSW 2022, the Future Today Institute’s Amy Webb said her pessimistic predictions on AI, the metaverse, Web 3, and synthetic biology were more likely to pan out than her optimistic ones.
Watch out Meta. Apple Is Dipping Its Toes in Mixed Reality

Watch out Meta. Apple Is Dipping Its Toes in Mixed Reality

Plus, Google agrees to pay $100 million in Illinois facial recognition lawsuit.
The Crypto Corner: Why Is That NFT Worth Anything?

The Crypto Corner: Why Is That NFT Worth Anything?

Curious about the extremely volatile world of NFTs? Tune in to this week’s column to see what they are and why they hold value.
LG’s Cloi family of robots

LG Announces Autonomous Disinfecting Robots

Combining its core competencies in robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles with a deep understanding of customer needs, LG Electronics has announced that it is developing an autonomous robot that will use ultraviolet (UV-C) light to disinfect high-touch, high-traffic areas.

How AI Software Can Become a Trillion Dollar Market by 2032

In 2022, the global market size of artificial intelligence software was worth approximately €129.8 billion ($138.4 billion), according to Precedence Research.

Emotion Detection and Recognition Technology Market to Grow 15 Percent

The Emotion Detection and Recognition Market is expected to grow to $44 billion by 2027, which is a growth CAGR of 15 percent from 2021-2027, according to...

IoT Technology Illustrates Humanity’s Environmental Impact in Real Time

This project in IoT technology is meant to encourage the sector to develop renewable energy solutions with a positive impact on ecosystems.
Acer Adds a New Dimension to Gaming

Acer Adds a New Dimension to Gaming

Acer has announced the Predator Helios 300 SpatialLabs Edition gaming laptop, bringing glasses-free, stereoscopic 3D to the world of gaming.
MeetKai Co-Founder and CEO James Kaplan discusses the AI-powered metaverse experience

What Would Retail in the Metaverse Look Like?

We asked with MeetKai's James Kaplan about AI-powered VR experiences in the metaverse.

AI-Powered Conversational Cloud: Command Center for Brand-Consumer Conversations

LivePerson, Inc. a Conversational AI technology company, has announced its enterprise-grade Conversational Cloud, where hundreds of the world's largest brands build and run AI-powered...