Are OLED Displays the New Smartphone Material

Are OLED Panels the New Smartphone Material?

OLED panels are becoming increasingly popular with manufacturers of smart phones, mobile PCs, and TVs.
LG Turns Focus to Educational Benefits with New OS

LG Turns Focus to Educational Benefits with New OS

New ChromeOS will benefit the education system with SSO and sharing capabilities across platforms.
Geekom Mini PC Debuts in Japan, Offering Powerful Performance in a Compact Design

Geekom Debuts Mini PC in Japan

Introducing the Geekom Mini PC in Japan - Experience powerful performance and versatility with this compact device designed for seamless computing.
Latest Addition to LG gram Lineup Goes SuperSlim

Latest Addition to LG gram Lineup Goes SuperSlim

LG’s latest addition to its 2023 LG gram laptop lineup, the LG gram SuperSlim measures in at just .43-inches thick.
Asus Launches Updated ExpertBook Laptop Series  

Asus Launches Updated ExpertBook Laptop Series  

Plus: Waymo has updated its fleet of ride-hailing taxis to include only electric vehicles.
HP Debuts New Printers with Focus on Sustainability  

HP Debuts New Printers with Focus on Sustainability  

Plus: Uber is expanding its electric vehicle option to 14 more markets.
Lenovo Unveils New Lineup of Yoga Laptops 

Lenovo Unveils New Lineup of Yoga Laptops 

Plus: LG smart TV owners now can access the educational platform MasterClass.
Razer Unveils Feature-Packed BlackWidow V4 Pro Gaming Keyboard

Razer Unveils Feature-Packed BlackWidow V4 Pro Gaming Keyboard

Razer has launched its BlackWidow keyboard line, offering PC gamers dedicated macro keys, immersive lighting and a range of customization options.
Galaxy Book3 Series Seamlessly Connects Samsung Ecosystem

Galaxy Book3 Series Seamlessly Connects Samsung Ecosystem

Samsung says its Book3 series is made for those looking to make use of multi-device connectivity, with the dependable hardware to carry out all manner of tasks.

GIGABYTE Reinforces Product Line with User-Friendly Solutions

The leading computer brand, GIGABYTE, has enhanced its catalogue of high-performing computer accessories and devices with more accessible features.

Samsung Electronics Ready to Launch Cutting-Edge Odyssey OLED G8 Gaming Monitor

the monitor requires no backlighting and is controlled in pixels which can be expressed in black with a near-infinite contrast ratio.

FTX Crisis Warrants Slowing of Offshore Activity

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre updated Americans about the federal government’s stance on FTX crypto concerns last Thursday.  As the recent investigations into FTX’s...

Microsoft Makes Customizable Computer Accessories for Users with Disabilities

A new and innovation prototype for Microsoft Adaptive Accessories has been created, which allows users to customise their mouse and keyboard, as well as other inputs and shortcuts.

College Students Rely on Superior Gaming Electronics for Engagement, Connectivity, Content...

One positive outcome of the digital shift brought on by the pandemic is the adoption of high-quality electronics to complement new ways of working...

Nvidia Announces Two New High-End — and High-Priced — Graphics Cards

Those who are interested in the gaming world will be excited about Nvidia’s latest announcement, though their wallets and bank accounts might not be.

Google Services Banned In Denmark Schools After Risk Assessment Results

Last year, officials in the Helsingør municipality of Denmark were ordered to complete a risk assessment concerning data handling by Google.

Microsoft Implements Restrictions on AI as Privacy Concerns Grow

Microsoft released a report called "Responsible AI Standard" and will limit its artificial intelligence systems' access to facial and vocal recognition tools.
PC and video games markets to expand in 2022

PC and Video Games Markets to See Big Growth in 2022

The compound annual growth rates are 14.9% and 17.5%, respectively, per a report from Research and Markets.

Presenting the 2022 Dealerscope IMPACT Award Winners

This year's winners were chosen by by tallying the votes of our entire team here at Dealerscope, with four special editors’ awards chosen by individual editors. 
Girl playing pc games on Acer monitor

Additional Acer CES Announcements Include New Gaming and PC Products

Gamers will be happy to hear that about the new Predator Orion desktop models, laptops, and gaming monitors.
Acer announced this Chromebook and the National Geographic Aspiro Vero

Acer Announces Sustainable National Geographic Aspire Vero

The computer is made from post-consumer recycled plastic in its chassis and keycaps. Acer also announced new Chromebooks just ahead of CES 2022.
Retailers Set to Deal with Returns in 2022

Retailers to Welcome 2022 With a Plethora of Returns

The season of returns is upon us and will be more costly than 2020 due to increases in online sales and consumer over-purchasing due to supply chain issues.
Dell Concept Luna is easy to dissasemble and recycle or refurbish

Dell Concept Luna PC Is Optimized for Reuse and Recycling

The new prototype PC has easy to dissasemble parts and 10 times fewer screws to unscrew, along with water-soluble materials.
Young Man Working at Computer

New Vulnerability Puts Windows 10,11, and Server Users in Jeopardy

Shipping companies UPS and FedEx are confident that they will be able to keep up with orders this holiday season thanks to early consumer shopping.
Latitude 5430 Rugged

New Dell Latitude Rugged Laptops Ideal for Outside Work

Dell's new Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme and Latitude 5430 Rugged are perfect for anyone people who works in harsh outdoor environments.
Star Wars Mandalorian Beskar Ingot Drive

Seagate Unveils ‘Star Wars Mandalorian’ Gaming Drives

A new generation of Star Wars for a new generation of gamers. Seagate releases new family of Star Wars Beskar Ingot Drives inspired by the Mandalorian galaxy.
Alienware Aurora PC

Alienware Celebrates 25 Years With New Aurora Gaming PC

Alienware celebrates 25 years with a new Aurora gaming PC.
the new Acer Conecpt D7 laptop with Spatial Lab Visualization technology

Acer Launches Eco-Friendly Laptops and Gaming Desktops

At its global press conference this week, Acer unveiled a new eco-friendly line of devices, a gaming desktop and projectdor, and the Concept D7 with Spatial Labs visualization technology. Here are the details.
microsoft surface family of devices

Microsoft Elevates the 2-in-1 Game With New Surface Devices

Microsoft launched its latest line of Surface devices, with a sophisticated new pen, a mouse made out of ocean plastic, and the most powerful and versatile Surface Laptop ever.
Berlin Photo Week 2021

What to Expect at Berlin Photo Week 2021

In an interview with Dealerscope, Berlin Photo Week CEO Wolfgang Heinen explains why the photo industry needs to expand its focus beyond hardware and software.
Back to School Tech Trends

Back to School Tech Trends For 2021

Kids are heading back to school en-masse, but the continued chip shortage may mean that their shiny new laptops will have to wait.
ENHANCE Gaming New Products 2021

ENHANCE Gaming Drops New Products Ahead of Upcoming Season

In preparation for the upcoming gaming season, ENHANCE Gaming just released a family of new products across multiple systems including PC, console, and tabletop options. The lineup includes a mechanical gaming keyboard, three colors of console gaming headsets, a role-playing organizer case, and several accompanying accessories.
PC sales up 43% YoY in 2020 in Europe

Despite Chip Shortages, Global PC Sales Trend Upward

In Europe in 2020, there was a 43-percent sales increase year over year of notebook PCs, per GfK. Analysts expect continued high demand, global chip shortages.